Getting Started

Getting Started

Here is a quick guide to getting started at a solo event.

  • Find out where the event is being held
    Get there in plenty of time.
  • Get to registration
    Bring a copy of your pre-registration receipt and know what class you want to race in. If you need help determining your class, please contact the WOR Solo Chair.
  • Get Tech'd
    Prepare your car by removing all loose items and getting it in race ready condition, including numbers.
  • Walk the track
    Then walk it again. Make sure you can memorize the course in your head. Dont be afraid to ask for help.
  • Attend the driver's meeting
    Here you'll find out important info such as who the officials are, run/work order and how many runs will be allowed.
  • Be ready to run!
    Be in staging promptly when called and have your car ready when its your turn.
  • Work when assigned
    Not working results in an automatic DQ and can prohibit you from running in the future. Get your work assignment, check in and man your post.
  • Bring food and water
    It is important to stay hydtrated during the day. Most times during intermission, there will be enough time to go get a bite to eat, but bringing a snack is a good idea.
  • Clean up your mess
    Be sure to leave the site better looking than when you got there. Remember, the sites can be taken away from us at any time. Lets make sure that we don't give them a good reason to do so. There are typically trash bags by the trailer. Use them.


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