2006 WOR Regional Solo Series Schedule

Date Event Name Location
March 26 Test and Tune Kil-Kare Speedway
April 9 Points Event 1 Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info Results / PAX
May 28 Points Event 2 Hara Arena
Schedule/Info Results / PAX
June 18 Points Event 3 Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info Results / PAX
July 16 Points Event 4 Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info Results / PAX
August 13 Points Event 5 Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info (Course Map) Results / PAX
September 10 Points Event 6 Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info Results / PAX
October 1 Points Event 7 Hara Arena
Schedule/Info (Course Map) Results / PAX
October 28 Run for Edu
Night Event
Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info (Course Map) Results / PAX
October 29 Points Event 8 Nutter Center Lot 8
Schedule/Info (Course Map) Results / PAX
November 5 Tie Breaker
Fun Event
Kil-Kare Speedway
Total Points (as of 05/27)

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